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"We will become a global company by applying continuous research and technological innovation."

Novarex Inc. is a one of the leading enterprise that manufactures food based dietary supplements and health functional ingredients.

We, at Novarex Inc. bring trust to our customers through consumer-oriented management. With leading experts in food-nutrition, food-engineering, food-microbiology, and pharmacy, we develop and produce premium food based health functional ingredients. Also, we are R&D-oriented company that holds many domestic and international patents around the world.

In 2016, we obtained CCM certificate and received SQF (Safe Quality Food) certificate from USA’s Global Food Safety Initiative in second half of 2016. By following strict production compliance, we are constantly progressing to ensure both consumer and food safety.

With ISO9001 quality management system certificate and following the compliance of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) through our cutting edge semi-automation plant in Chungbuk Ochang science complex, we are producing many types of food based dietary supplements for various needs. Recently, we developed vegetable based soft capsules and gummy jellies to meet closer to our consumer needs.

With constant research & development and technological innovation, we will become a global consumer-oriented company by applying more functional natural food ingredients from Korea.

CEO Sangjoon Lee