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Factory Overview

For past 20 years, Novarex has been producing premium health functional dietary supplements and at present, our first factory produces hard capsules, tablets, and powder products. Equipped with automatic packaging technology, our second factory produces gummy and stick jelly products and our third factory has exclusive soft capsule production line, complied with KGMP, and and Research Institute

We are supplying our dietary supplement products to 150 leading domestic and foreign companies. With our strong pride in using the best technological advancement and the highest quality level, our efficient operation has been well credited to supply global companies such as GNC in the United States and BLACKMORES in Australia

In addition, we have secured over 163 acre in Osong, Chungbook area to expand and relocate to a new factory that is equipped with latest advanced automation system. With this investment, we are thrilled to move forward with global market expansion

Factory Introduction

We, at Novarex, has been focusing on health functional dietary supplements for past 20 years and we are proud to present that our sufficient capacity, technological innovation and efficiency operation systems allows us to supply major players around the world such as GNC and BLACKMORES and are able to produce various types of product that our customer requires.

  • Environmentally friendly location Fresh air and clean environment Thorough waste water treatment to protect the environment
  • Equipped with Professional health functional dietary supplement manufacturing technology
  • Clean Room System Designed to have no corners to prevent dust from manufacturing workshop Central control system by Air Handling Unit Maintain the temperature and humidity that reduces the propagation of germ Fine dust-free air supply Prevent Cross contamination Separating manufacturing place for each process, designing GMP standard
  • Equipped with dietary supplement production facility Able to produce various products like capsule, soft capsule, chewable tablet, gummy, powder Equipped with multiple packaging(6 machines),stick packaging(10 machines) developed for the first time

Manufacturing facility